Thursday purgatory

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The drive in to work was almost pleasant this morning. There was very little traffic, only two red lights, and the security guard at the entrance blessed me. I was an entire forty-five minutes early to work- forty five minutes earlier than when I normally got to work. My dogs decided they needed to be let out at 5am; and entire thrity minutes earlier than what my alarm was set for. And that's how my day started...

I get to my office door, only to find someone had changed the key lock combination and hadn't informed me. I call my supervisor and he blusters apologetically and gives me the new combination. My computer boots up faster than usual, and before I know it, I've been sucked into my editing project for English class. I feel as if time is flying by and surely when I look at the clock it will be time for a mid-morning break. How wrong was I? Very. Only one hour had passed. Everyone else in the office had just arrived.

My eyes begin to feel heavy as I cycle through my most favored web sites.

Rinse, dry, and repeat. I've already been at work for two hours and feel as if I've slogged through ten. I finished writing my short story assignment, editing my process analysis project, checked Facebook so thoroughly I feel slightly stalker-ish. I already listened to three of my favorite songs on the randomly selected music channel on There's nothing left for me to do in the office. I need to run errands to start the proper paperwork process in preparation for getting out of the Military. I can't be saddled to this chair all day like I normally am. But no one is available to take over the desk and watch the phones. No one's here to take messages and email important notices. It's just me for the next two or three hours.

And I have another 6 hours to go before I may leave.

On the upside? My Mother-in-law is in town, staying with us for the next four days.

Oh wait, that's not an upside. I apologize for the fib. I'm in hell.
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