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To blog, or not to blog

Published by elynne in the blog elynne's blog. Views: 132

It seems redundant to have both a "progress journal" thread and a blog. I mildly prefer the blog concept, so I'm migrating my progress journaling stuff over here. I'm also going to post these entries on my LJ, as well as keeping copies of them on my computer, because I strongly dislike information loss.

Of course, that may leave me with nothing to write about, or at least nothing particularly interesting. And that's different from the rest of my life because... oh well!

I rescued a duckling just now. It was a very low-key rescue. The duckling was peeping forlornly along the back of the apartment building. I grabbed a sleeve of crackers and walked out to the pond. The duckling ran away from me, which sent it straight into the pond, where the forlorn peeping continued. I'd thought the rest of its family was already at the pond, but after a couple of minutes I heard frantic quacking and peeping from the forest behind, and the mother led the rest of her brood out of the trees and to the pond in a mad rush of squeaks and feathers. Evidently she'd led her entire clutch of 10 out into the forest to look for that one stray. With the family reunited, I fed them the crackers, and there was much happy splashing and occasional biting of each other. Because ducks are assholes.

The ducklings are adorable, and it's been fun watching the various broods grow up, but I'm sad that the lack of attrition confirms that the coyotes aren't around this year. I haven't seen or heard them at all, and for a single mother mallard to raise 11 ducklings means there's no parental coyotes hunting fervently to provide for their own kits. I hope the coyotes are all right, and that they've just moved to a new territory. I expect more coyotes to move in by next spring anyway, as that tends to happen when coyotes vacate a good territory.

Last night I dreamed about making up and making out with my most recent ex. He's fun and charming when he wants to be, so that's what the dream focused on. I was mildly horrified when I woke up, though, because he's an abusive, manipulative asshole, and I really don't want to give him an inch even in my brain. When I fell asleep again, I replaced him with the Loki in my head, and that worked out much better.

I don't claim that the Loki in my head is "really" the actual god Loki, or anything like that. In fact, I'm pretty positive that he's a construct of my mind--my animus, a figure and voice given to a part of myself that needed to be expressed--an interpretation he agrees with. In a way, that's kind of reassuring; having the actual god Loki in my head on a regular basis is an alarming thought. And it's not like I'm not used to being kept company by elaborate mind-constructs.

I found out today that our health insurance didn't start on June 1, but starts on July 1. Which isn't terrible, but isn't great, either. I was looking forward to finding a new doctor--the last one I had was pretty useless--but now I'll have to get in contact with that useless doctor again and make sure he'll let me get my prescription refills one more time, to get through the month. I'm hoping I won't have to argue with him not to insist on having me come in and get another blood test. Without insurance, that would be painfully expensive, and it's completely fucking unnecessary. Given how little that doctor has impressed me so far, though, I'm expecting to have to argue. Ugh, what a mess.

And, as far as actual writing... well, there's this! I know, by "actual writing" I mean writing fiction, and, well. If I manage to get any of that done, I'll post it as an addendum. But at this point, writing this out may have to be good enough.
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