Too Much Detail...

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(Still confused about what to write in these so I'll just go on and on about random stuff on my mind with writing. ;) ) So anyways I was reading over my story I'm currently working on and found that I add a bit too much detail in a lot of my works, I like adding the detail though because I feel the detail is necessary to understand how the character acts and why, but sometimes I think I may go a bit too far with it e.g.:
From my story "Free for All"

"My black tights hugged my legs with rips in them making them look old and ragged, my black caprees over them hugged my waist lowly but my black shirt and jacket covered that. The black long sleeved shirt I had cut up so it had thumb holes, fitting onto my arm perfectly, my spider choker was on my lower neck, lacing around with its black form. For the finishing touches I put on some black lipstick with a little bit of red in the highlight (that would be the only other color on me) then I managed to put just enough black eyeliner..."

I could easily just say something along the lines of "i was dressed very dark and gothic today" but what this paragraph up there later shows (within the rest of the chapter) that my main character (Anji) is in mourning, and given a rough time because she is dressed OVERLY in black. Because people dress in all black all the time, i just wanted to really stress that she was looked down upon for being too gothic.
(Note i'm not proffessional and that work up there ^ is unedited) so I was wondering if sometimes detail that describes a character is ok? I was looking around at some Forums and found a catagory that told me that just flat out describing the character sounded bad... but it seems I do that all the time, and I found that I can make it flow (after the ... it goes into a topic with that that makes it fit smoothly into the writing). Just something I thought about.
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