Tossing Waves Of Life

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Life is similar to the tossing waves upon the sea.

Rocking us from one emotion. Then tilting us totally by surprise, to cast us over with one quick surge. One minute, the sky full of sunshine, and a balmy breeze. Then, only to have us turn our view for a moment, to notice the impending dark clouds, on the distant horizons.

So also, are the waves of our life, as unpredictable as waves upon the sea.

Our daydream, is a clear glass ocean, with a gentle breeze. Yet in reality, that is just what it is.....a daydream.

Nothing stays the same, life is ever changing. After a storm, birds come out, and sing song, to delight in what remains to them. Being content that the storm has passed by, looking forward to the new day. Let me, also learn the attitude of contentment. Serenity shall then follow, not far behind.

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