Ursidae Forest- A Story

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Before I get to the story I want to explain somethings. If you don't want to read it, just skip down a bit :p
I have been feeling rather unmotivated of late. Its not that I didn't have any ideas, its just I couldn't get myself to write. That and I was suffering from a bit of writers block. I couldn't get my ideas into writing. But I think I know why. I have been writing Realistic Stories. Which I really enjoy, but I think I need to get back to my roots, what I really love: Fantasy. Thought I just share this piece. Yes I am aware its complete crap. But eh, well enjnoy.

Ursidae Forest:

As Galwin the naive walked through the Ursidae Forest, his mind couldn't help but recall the countless stories he had heard while sitting at his favorite pub. His hand clenched the pommel of his sword, the weight of his shield on his back growing heavier with each step he took. Every muscle in his toned body stood tense and ready to unleash their fury in a moments notice.

Galwin paused, and as he did he looked up toward the sky and could see the grey storm clouds gathering above through the canopy. He inhaled deeply, the fragrance of the forest filling his nostrils and lungs. The place would have been beautiful place to build a home. A twig snapping somewhere nearby broke the silence, and his private fantasy. From hundreds of hours of training, his shield and sword were in his hands. He twirled his short sword in his hand, signaling his readiness to the forest's secret eyes.

Standing there, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stood up as a dull roar crashed through the forest. Birds nesting nearby fluttered away in panic, small rodents dashed into their small homes. Galwin slowly circled, his eyes racing from one shadow to the next. Another dull roar, this time closer. He couldn't tell where it had come from, except that it was closer. Galwin slammed his short sword against the metal shield, an old custom from his village to inspire both fear in the enemies and bravado to their fellow warriors.

Galwin gripped tighter on the hilt when his ears were filled with the dreaded thunder of a bears charge. Still he couldn't tell where it was charging from, forcing him to spin around as fear and anxiety crushed his spirits. He had heard the horror tales from survivors. Why hadn't he listened? The bear finally emerged, and Galwin nearly dropped his blade. The beast of a bear came to a halt and stood on its two legs and towered over Galwin by six feet.

He stumbled backwards in awe of the shear size of the shaggy brown bear. The bear let out a roar before it came down, the force crushing the solid ground under it. The bear slowly approached, as Galwin considered his options; run and die, fight and die, or surrender. Galwin, out of habit, slammed his blade against his shield again. The bear sniffed twice before bearing its powerful teeth. Galwin inhaled deeply, savoring what he thought would be his last breaths.

He raised his sword and shield into a defensive stance, both hands shacking violently. The Bear stepped backwards and without another warning, it ran forward. Galwin could feel the tremors the beast caused and waited, knowing if he dodged too fast or to slow he would dead. The bear tucked its massive head downwards as if it were a ram butting heads for dominance. Galwin saw it and jumped to the side, rolling and coming out of it just as the giant head connected with a nearby tree, ripping it's deeply implanted roots from the ground. The tree gave a loud moan, and fell to the ground. The bears hook its head, and made a gesture as if to swat a fly. Now. Galwin thought.

He ran right for the creature, his sword ready to dive into the beasts flesh. Before the sword connected, the bear turned its head towards him and with its shield sized paws, razor sharp claws ready to shred, and swatted at Galwin. He threw up his shield just in time to catch the attack. His body tingled and ached from the attack. The bear growled and before Galwin had time to respond, another paw came at him. Each attack, each time it made connection, he felt his body grow weaker as he knelt there.

When the bear stopped, it sniffed at the dented and battered shield. He could feel its hot, foul smelling, breath wash over him. With its head it nudged at the shield, yet he held strong against his opponent. Galwin wasn't sure why the bear stopped, it just gave a small roar and raced away in the opposite direction.

Galwin felt his body grow rigid, his arms and legs growing heavy as he started to walk away... never again would Galwin the naïve enter the Ursidae Forest.

The End.
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