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I'm waiting for her
she is like the night
to me she twinkles
like stars I have never
seen from some alien world

The world seems so
tinted when she is gone
the world seems so
alone without her

The world seems so
cold without her
why have I let myself
fall so deeply in love?

Why did I get so close?
It won't save me
Everything is so dark
Everything is so cold
I can live on my own
But I also call for her
touch, her words

Here in the still
all I can think is
that I want her
I want to speak to her
I want to touch her

But why did eveyrthing of her
have to die?
Why am I so mad in love
with someone so dead?
Why have I lost my sanity
to someone who is dead to me?

Am I truly just this
insane or am I truly
in love with her
and I'm only trying to
deny that I don't love her

I want her
I don't need her
But I long for her presence
I'm waiting here all the way
into the night
Morning through day

All the days are melting together
and all I crave is her presence
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