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Walking to work (A Dirty Epic)

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I walk to work most days for a variety of reasons. Primarily because I don’t drive, some things just aren’t meant to be. The world is a safer place without me behind the wheel of anything with an engine. That said, we have a family car. The price of petrol and the impact on the environment motivates us to use it only when the weather is doing it worse. Admittedly that has been more often of late.

I haven’t sold enough books yet to justify taking the bus. As much as I enjoy people watching, the bus fare would stack up over time.

Another determining factor is the desire to fit some exercise into a busy lifestyle. It’s a good 25 minutes going at a pace which breaks a sweat. This daily workout means I can indulge in the odd calorific snack without feeling too much guilt.

Last but by no means least, I enjoy it. Its valuable time to myself before the bustle of the day begins. Mostly I plug myself in to my I pod shuffle, choose a song depending on mood and get lost in thought.

Surprisingly I still have my shuffle. It’s about the size of half a domino and I’m not renowned for being able to locate all my belongings with ease. The day I became a very proud owner of a Sony walkman, I could never imagine that music on the go could get so small.

This morning I think (as I have done for the last month or so) time to get some new headphones. At first I thought they had gone completely. With the headphones in, I could hear the music about as loudly as if they had fallen out. When I tried switching ears however, all was well. Only the left earphone was broken. Unfortunately for me I’m deaf in my right ear so in order to have sound I have to put the right phone in the left ear. I don’t think the sound quality is affected but the fit is less than perfect and its falls out annoyingly often.

I pass a pub on the way and I always wonder what evidence of the night before will be littering the street. Weekends are usually a safe bet. Often I will discover half eaten party food or if I’m unlucky, half digested.

One time I saw a card on the ground promising ‘Friends for ever’. The card was torn in half. Apparently, forever’s not as long as it used to be. I can’t help wondering what the story is behind the destroyed greeting card. I imagine a scenario and think maybe an idea for a book could spring from this ripped up token of friendship.

Approaching the pub this morning, ‘Dirty Epic’ by Underworld comes on to my I pod. I find I’m in the mood for Dirty Epic and turn up the volume. A sad song, in my mind it’s about somebody who’s addicted to Pornography and has lost the ability to connect in his real relationship. I could be completely wrong of course but that is what comes across to me.

Before the melancholy ‘Sweet in winter, sweet in rain’ is sung, I spot a magazine page on the pavement. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I see it’s a top shelf issue. Another page is spotted a short way ahead and it seems there is a trail of ripped up pornography leading to who knows where. Can’t help wondering what the story is behind the destruction of the magazine. A desperate lover perhaps, who feels like they are competing with a fantasy world. An addict who wants to stop. ‘Dirty Epic’ set the scene well for a sad story relating to my morning discoveries.

To top it off I see ‘Christ on crutches’ approaching. (Another line from the song) Well more like a school boy walking awkwardly with one big strapped up foot. His hair is a little long and he has a hint of facial hair. At a stretch he could be ‘Christ on crutches’.

Not much chance of the light blinding my eyes like the song complains about. The weather is grey as usual.

I am hoping ‘Mmm Skyscraper isn’t the next Underworld song in line on my walkman (whoops, yes I do still call it that on occasion). I don’t think I could cope with seeing Elvis or hearing God on the phone on my way to work
Happily no signs of ‘The King’. Admittedly, God does call me occasionally, usually on my birthday. Just for the record, I know he isn’t God but it does amuse me to see God flashing up on my caller ID.

So ends my epic trek to work on a grey Wednesday. To answer a question I am asked repeatedly, I had fun and that’s why I walk to work.

As far as the rest of my day goes. I could definitely write a book about it. Thats all work stuff however and confidential;)
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