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wandering Consciousness...

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 221

It's been sometime since I plugged my inner being into this side of the world. A small opening leaking some information, for those that choose to read it. It's once again like always, just another random thought script that landed in the "trash" while the lines are being executed. Something like the 'lives' we live, lives..? Wondering about it actually constructs some meaningful understanding that opens up the fact that we do live lives, and not just a life. The nobodies, although they seem meaningless they still remain connected to the main source that constructed them in the first place. If you take each thought-out thought you have, yes I mean the whole thing. It's like a movie that you live for a few seconds before you change your mind to pick, want it or not. Although it seems simple most people don't even realize the choices they make or made. Only after a long period they realize that it's either a wrong choice or a good choice.

That brings back the old questions... The same old crap, I'm actually writing these words, on this blog, on this website, on this host, on this region, on this world, that is my world. For all that I know I'm writing this and later after posting it, I'll be reading it.? Makes no sense, right!... Okay so let go this way, I am alone in my world, and everything around me is populated by my Consciousness, or a thought in mind. So back to me reading this piece would start from one thought about "someone" reading it. That someone would be the illusion of other beings around me, and around the "world". So by the time I had the thought, about someone reading it, that thought triggered the illusion to read it, and maybe even leave a comment on it. "Beside the comment and someone reading it the piece is utterly pointless in sense..."

Ever had that weird moment when you look at someone or notice someone, and you think within something about them or in your mind you say something to them or about them. Then in that moment of time, they look your way or even start speaking to you... "It's pretty mental..."
To think that life is just a dream, with in a dream? Ever tried putting your hand through a wall?

...to tired to continue...
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