Werewolf Competition Reminder

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Just a reminder that there is still a little over a day if you want to enter my werewolf anthology.

To celebrate the release of the “Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets” anthology from Pill Hill Press, which includes my story “The Mystery of St. Mary’s Morgue”, I’m offering one lucky person the chance to win a copy. So be imaginative, and impress me!

All you have to do, to win said anthology of 25 lupine stories, is comment on this blog post (or email me at matthewsdent[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk), telling me why you think you should. I’ll choose my favourite as the winner once the competition closes, and they’ll get the lovely book that’s sat next to me as I write this.

I’ll accept entries up to midnight on Sunday 11th July (and because of the number of times that time difference has wreaked havoc with me when submitting, I’m gonna just say that it’s open until midnight wherever YOU are), and all I ask if you win is that you give it a review on amazon.

Oh, and it’s open to anyone, in any country. So no excuses for not entering.
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