What does Easter mean?

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So, today is Easter, April 24. For Christians everywhere that means going to Mass and hearing about Jesus Christ rising from the dead. This is even a time for those Christians who like to say they have faith, but never attend church, to pull out the GPS and find out where the nearest parish is. Today is the end of Lent, a time of mourning, the end of Holy Week. Today for the first time since Ash Wednesday I can say Alleluia.

The secular side of Easter turns it from a day to celebrate that Jesus is the true Messiah, to an arrival of spring. This includes chicks, Easter eggs, chocolate and jelly beans. Of course you can't forget to mention the Easter Bunny, who reigns with Santa Claus over toy distribution. Reading this, you might be given the wrong impression. Even I celebrate Easter's non-religious side, and I think it's perfectly acceptable that others do too.

But I don't think that Easter should be celebrated if the celebrators forget about Jesus. Like Christmas, Easter has been adopted by members of other faiths and atheists as an excuse to get presents and eat sugar. As for those who say they celebrate Easter as a observance of spring, I say stop making excuses. If that is so, why not not celebrate it on the official start of spring, March 20? Or even the meteorological start of spring, March 1?

If you only celebrate Easter for the candy, I would suggest you try to look into why Easter exists at all.

There will always be some people who disagree with the entire Christianity religion. They'll say that Jesus is not the Son of God. There will be one way to prove them true. Find the body. Find the body of Jesus Christ. No one has yet. Still, I won't go door to door trying to recruit you to my faith. All I can do is post this, hope someone will read it, and understand what I'm trying to say.
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