What Have Your Beliefs Done To You?

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I think we've made a mess of it all. The following isn't an attack on anyone in particular, but rather a criticism on how we treat ourselves. Let me assure you that whatever you or I believe, it's a long way down to the truth from the platitudes, those plateau attitudes, we've set ourselves on.

Looking around me now, I can't help think that those who know beyond certainty, the truth, have no idea what they're talking about. Those who crow loudest, I imagine, feel the worst when day comes to end and they think about those questions we ask ourselves at odd hours. The same smug sermon they sell, to their spiritual friends, on Facebook and to the poor fools they feel just don't know any better, has too loud a sound and echo to not be hollow.

But eaten with doubt, we try to drown it out. Purge the non-believers or perhaps those who believe too freely. So many ignorant people to set right that it must be exhausting to all our high hopes.

What's the secret of the universe? What is the one true religion? How can anyone with a brain believe in any religion? Who has time to care at all? The only thing certain to all these questions, is that each and every person knows the exact truth to each one. That and the small fact that no answer is the same. Oh sure, they all fit nicely into categories, dragged by the gravity of necessary consensus. But alone, our inner tide pulled by outer forces reminds us, that only we know the true answer.

But it's fine? We will eventually know all, surely. All will be revealed or it won't matter. Only... I'm not convinced either of those results are likely. But in the meantime, would it harm anyone to feel a little brotherhood or sisterhood with their fellow human? They are on the same journey. Their answers about the unknowable, informed or not, are likely to be as valid as yours so long as you have both have thought about them.

For humanity's sake, feel some ecumenical love, when you look at your Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Sikh, Jainist, Taoist, Athiest, Shinto, Hindu and Agnostic siblings. That means taking a vacation from looking down on them, judging or censoring them. Can't be too hard? If anything, I would think it would bring all just a measure of relief.

My valediction on this may sound specific and hypocritical for this rant. But I challenge you to look past the words and wonder what I really mean when I type:

God Bless,
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