What I Never Understood About Fable III...

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Okay, in Fable III, you basically create a revolution to oust your evil tyrannical brother of a king named Logan.

#1- This is the big one. Logan later reveals that the reason he was being such a dick to the people of Albion for the past four years before the game started was because he was trying to save the country from a unexplained shadow force hell bent on eradicating their way of life for some inexplicable reason other than they "hate the light".

Uh, Logie? D'ya think that was important when you first heard of it!? What, you'd think the people would pull a Mass Effect by saying: "Ah yes, *finger quotes* crawlers *fnger quotes*. A sentinent race of shadow beings hell bent on eradicating all life as we know it. We've already dismissed that claim."?

If my country were being invaded, I'd damn well hope Obama would tell us! That's...that's just what rulers do in a situation like this! "Hey, just fyi, we're about to be invaded so we'd better prepare and FAST!!"

#2- It's not exactly a revolution if you're just ousting the leader, is it? That's called a coup, right? A revolution when you're tearing down the entire government structure and constructing a new one. Because it seems that the problem wasn't the monarchy, it was the monarch in power.

#3- Speaking of Crawlers: Just...what the frell are they? They do nothing but hiss that they hate the light, love darkness and the children embrace everyone.

Aaah, so confusing. Still a great game, though. :D
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