What is Eurlo up to?

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Color codes:
Green= Date the event was planned
Red= Date it was finished

She was laying on the couch listening to the Gazette when she realized a mistake she made in her book.(out of nowhere, poof the idea popped up:D) So she took note of the scene it was in, problem, known facts, solution.

Fixing previous days problem

She has stumbled across another mistake(in the same scene as the last mistake:p) She is taking notes.

She is reviewing any "related" parts to the scene that she just fixed.
(brainstorming, she is confused)
(lightbulb pops up) she has a solution!....finds parts,highlights.

Reveiw/Editing will go as planned below:

- Review whole chapter
- Find parts to keep/rewrite
- Rewrite seleted parts

(rest of the day she jams out to "Gazette" )

All was planned during this day, actual event may have been finished another day(check below for details)

She is having a meeting with her character's, she is trying to discuss current happening in their lifes.

She wants to take out a chunk of her book, due to unsatisfactory with part of it.....4/29/2011(morning)Done

She wants to edit/reveiw her book but will do it later....
5/6/2011(afternoon)She is going through highlighting possible edits

She wants to give shorter names to her characters.....
5/6/2011 Debating....
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