What To Do In Economic Disaster

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Hmmm...no one ever read about a economic apacolypse. What do I do when the economy crashes???

1. Ride it out.
I don't know. According to the last depression things can get...depressing. Riding it out means becoming the mouse. Stocking up on loads of crap while the price is good and then being extremely thrifty and resourceful. Now. Don't have to be extreme now, but given the current situation it would be wise to prepare for the worst. Realign my budget, find someway- if any- to solidify the value of the money I have now (what are the banks investing in? when the world is flooding, find the people with an ark).

2. Save my money and find relatives in Asia.
Sorta shooting for the moon on that one. Maybe I can just learn Japanese and find a job there before they start closing doors on a mass western exodus. Guess I'll know how Mexican's feel having the door shut in their faces.

3. Become a hermit and live in the wild.
This may be the best bet, and perhaps an attractive alternative to people living in the mid-west and mountain states. Still food out there. If I can hunt you have meat for the price of bullets. I can probably grow enough food for one family. Not like I have to plow an entire river valley for myself. I would just have to perpetually ruff it for the next four to eight years, assuming there will be a mending of the economy, and when that time comes I will have to start from zero reintegrating yourself with society...maybe

4. Profit from it.
A dark thought, but unquestionably someone is thinking of it. Disasters bring great opportunities. If I know it's coming, somehow I can benefit from it's arrival. I may even jump clear of it's effects if I position myself right.

5. Join the Military
As sure as sunrise, the military will come into play in a major way in the future. If no one else is salvaged from the plight of the rest, it will be the military. In this time of instability, whether from simple neglect and malpractice or intentional and malignant profiteering, there will be mobs, riots, and all sorts of social disturbance going on when times get very hard. Government will need a buffer between them and the people. The National Guard and the Military will be these people. Always remarkable how you can get one person to turn on another merely by paying one more than the other. For a Few Dollars More, I believe the saying goes...

6. Stop it.
There are those that think this is the product of bad economics and corruption. Others believe this is orchestrated by pretty ruthless mofo's. Me...I know that there are people whose sole purpose is to watch money. To not know or be unaware of the situation coming is ridiculous, especially for an entire government. Now there is all this hard talk after the fact? It was well known meaning the entire system is gone from us, meaning the entire thing would have to be taken down. Historically, 'systems' tend not to like giving up power and wealth. If you're going to rise up against the system you better have a gun and a few grenades. You're in for a fight. Me, I don't like the idea of playing dodgeball with bullets.
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