What's a Chim to Do?

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~ Have you ever had one of those situations when you just throw your hands up and say, "What the hell"? Yeah, you know the ones...it's that Monday morning when you wake up in desperate need of coffee, only to discover those little grounds in the bottom of the container. Now I ask, couldn't the last person to make coffee just throw away the evidence of his or her last pot? Perhaps it was that time you were standing in line at the local grocery store, you are already five minutes late for an appointment, and the person in front of you couldn't count ten items or less. I hate these moments.

Too many times I am in a situation where I have to make a choice, I can either be nice and ignore the focus of my annoyance...or I can choose to tackle it, head on. This is where I get into trouble, because, most of the time I end up tackling it and then feeling badly for the person or persons I directed my hit at. Too many times I ask myself why I couldn't just walk away.

The fact is...rude people annoy me. There is no nice way to say it. I am tired of apologising for it. Everybody has room to improve, myself included. We are always growing and learning.
I wish I could ignore it...but I know the next time I am out shopping and the family reunion takes place in the middle of the store aisle, which I am trying to navigate through, I am going to not so nicely inform them that I have a life and they are holding it up. The rest of my day will be spent torturing myself for not being able to hold back my frustration...:redface:
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