What's in a name?

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A rose by any other name.....yeah.

I'm confessing I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to names.
When I was a teen and not so much thinking about having kids but thinking of what their names would be I came up with some pretty spaztastic ones. None stuck.
Theressa Evon Elizabeth
Zachary Alexander
Nathaniel Aidan
These ones did. Introducing my three kids...I mean monsters!
Last night I spent my evening in an ER with my oldest (Theressa). She had something lodged in her ear...or so we thought. Turns out it was a large (and I mean a large raisin worth) of ear wax. Behind it was a pink bead.
To make things more interesting, I had made three neckalces out of beads and stretch cord for my kids. The boys had varying shades of green while Theressa had pink and clear. No one messed with the beads while I made them and also didn't spill them...or so I thought. Anyhow, the boys both broke theirs. Theressa didn't actually have hers break until tonight, of all nights.
The mystery here is how the heck did she end up with a pink bead in her ear burried by an ungodly amount of ear wax and for that length of time!? We half expected a green one, but pink? Doesn't make sense!

For future references: If I mispell a word, I can't get the stupid spell check to work and I have become overly dependent upon it. So please, have mercy on me!;)
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