When I was a mean, 12 year old.

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An excerpt from my diary as a 12 year old girl- extremely mean girl, too. :cool:
I apologize for all the mistakes, and for not knowing you can't pour out mascara.

Dearest Lotte,

now I’ve finally given you a name, as you can hear.
I’ve got a lot of things to tell you. The cast has been taken of my arm and it still hurts sometimes but it’s almost fully better.

We’re busy rehearsing for a play, The Princess and The Pea. I have to be the king and I think it’s pretty stupid, but there’s nothing to be done about because I’m the only one who’s able to play that role. My robe will be made of an old red bathrobe and a fake fur coat. We’re going to cut strips of the fur coat and sew it on the bathrobe, I’m sure you know what I mean, Lotte.

I’ve also been (not today, but this month, the 4th of May I believe) to Technopolis with my friend Marieke and her brother Simon and her parents and Melody, Salome and Jim. That are sisters and a brother of mine, remember?

I’ve been really mad at my sisters today. They were saying something about me that wasn’t true and I started yelling and hit Salome with a shoebox on her head, exactly what she deserved.
When they finally stopped and left I decided to pour a cup of water over her mattress but after thinking about it for a while I decided not to- she should be happy. One time I did pour water over the mattress of my other sister because I was upset at her. When she went to bed that night she felt it and when to tell mama.

Let me tell you a few good punishments for sisters when you’re upset at them!
Here they are:

a.) pour water of their mattress
b.) hide their “stuff”
c.) shoot at them with a water gun
d.) put toothpaste in their shoes
e.)pour out their mascara (if they have it)

There you go! Maybe I can think of other punishments later but now I have to go because someone’s calling me!
Till tonight or tomorrow or another time, See you!!!!

15th of May 2003
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