GraceLikePain Jan 2, 2021
I agree with you. While I think discovering yourself with a character who isn't particularly like you is possible, self-inserts still can be used on rare occasion. I think it works best if the reader can't tell its an insert, or otherwise go the completely opposite route and make your self-insert a necessary part of the narrative. There's this one webcomic where a guy called Tailsteak used his comic as a way to bring up the nature of God in relation to His creations, and how an author and a character would relate. There was even a plotline where the characters decided to go on strike and just stand still for a week-ish, so that they could stop providing entertainment to readers until Tailsteak listened to their demands.

Self-inserts are bad when they are enabling escapism made to please the author's desires and yet the author expects everyone to like the insert anyway. They also stink when they're a platform for the author's opinions, or a deus ex machina to erase troublesome storylines.

There's probably a lot of good stories out there that are self-inserts, and they're just not particularly recognizable at first glance.
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