Where is my Motivation?

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I'm wanting to start writing again.

It's a habit...feeling the need to have my fingers dance across the keyboard because it feels good...it feels right. Even if I'm just posting statuses on FaceBook or replying to forum threads...writing blogs. Even if it's not (technically) a story in which I am eager to be writing. My issue is...I don't even know the story to write one. Where is my motivation? My inspiration? Something I've been searching for for months now, and I have yet to find. My inspiration is there...at the back of my head, but my motivation is something that has been failing me for quite some time now. I've been thinking about writing a little fanfic just to get the juices going, but something about using characters that's already been created by someone else has always felt like "copying" someone's work (in my opinion).

I don't know...


...to return.
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