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Why Alaska and Chrys Should Never Meet

Published by zorell in the blog zorell's blog. Views: 129

MOst memebers that know me also know about my fictional stalker, Chrys. Chrys was an RPG character of mine that followed me around for a good month after the first RPG and widdled her way into two following RPGs. I am quite happy to say that she no longer bugs the hell out of me:D

I "met" a much nicer ROG character, Alaska, who is much more willing to allow me to write her a narrative in piece and not try to infiltrate my mind.

Now, this is what I think would happen if Chrys and Alaska met:

{Alaska walks into the Kids Playhouse, the loca family hangout, with her twins and sends them to the play area while she rests. Sitting next to her is a woman with cat ears, eyes, and tail and fur. She looks at her.}

A~Uh, how'd that happen?

C~Is it necessary that you ask that?

A~Is it neccessary that you take that tone?

{Chrys notices a little tag that hangs almost unnoticably from Alaska's belt.}
C~"Creation of Tor." Would that be the one that was in the Phoenix COlony?


C~ You're the bit she abandoned me for! Give her back! She was developing my story!

A~I advise you to calm your feline ass down and not mess with a mad dog- that's how kittens lose whiskers, and maybe an ear if you piss me off enough. Besides, she writing mine at the moment.

C~That's it, {Chrys pulls out a can of spray paint and a lighter} Don't make me use this!

A~Oh, you're that whack job cat chick with the multiple personalities and litter of kids. She told me about you-said she's happy you're gone.

C~Take it back or I will use everything you mentioned against you!

A~HOney, actually know how to fight and will kick your little kitten ass if you don't leave me the hell alone. {Stands up and calls for the twins.}

{Chrys calls for her childern. Eight children appear, six of them with tails and cat ears.}

C~Heh, that's all you got? Two?

A~YEah, cause it's so much fun to carry a whole danged litter of kids. Why don't you leave me the hell alone, like a said before, or I will not only kick your ass, but I'll have my husband kill you in your sleep.

{Chrys folows her children as the y bolt out the door. Screaming over her shoulder}

C~This isn't over you female dog you!
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