Why do my LOLs never get picked?

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Is it that my sense of LOL humor just isn't up to snuff?

Do I just not get it?

Is it that there is a closed ranks LOL community and I just don't have the secret password?

I have created many LOLs which I have thought to be rather witty, but only two of them were ever chosen to go onto the display area of the LOL site which I frequent, and I thought those two were rather weak in comparison to many others I have made.

What gives?

Like this one here. It should have had massive LotR appeal, but no. They did not chose to post it.


And this one here. I thought it had the right amount of LOLcat corniness and was also a cute play on the Six Million Dollar Man.


This one speaks for itself!


Instead, this is the one of only two that they ever chose from my LOLs to post and it is the one that has been favorited the most.


I don't get it.
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