Why I'm here.

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Hi, my name is Matt for those of you who know me, and for those of you who don't know me my name is still Matt! :eek: I'm here to learn and improve my writing. I will also help those in need of help where I am knowledgeable. Eventually I hope to become a professional online freelance writer.

I also have a very crazy imagination, and could easily see myself becoming an author of horror, fantasy and sci fi. I have come to this forum seeking help with writing in general. Right now, my biggest demon with writing is commas. I am hoping by the time I leave, I will have slayed this beast completely.

I am planning on being a very active member (logging on daily, making posts daily) on this forum, and embracing all aspects of this forum.

The reason, is because I am really looking to improve my writing skill. It is my belief that it will give me a better base to stand on in life. Knowing the general direction I want to go in life, and how I figure I can best influence the world.

Writing has always had at least some kind of influence in my life. I used to pretend play stories out in my backyard. I hate to tell you that I still do that on occasion and I'm 19 years old. :rolleyes: In fact, that is where a lot of the stories that I write come from. I have paced trails into the ground from walking a certain area so much. :redface:

Although I will admit I have not practiced writing nearly enough until recent months.
I also think that getting active on a forum with improving my writing skill will help me to become better, and climb the skill ladder faster. Then if I just unconsciously wrote a lot.

My plan with these blogs also, is to go back over my writing posts and correct what I missed. Giving me another tool to improve my writing. If you would like to critique or comment on my posts please go ahead and do so.

Until the next post! Truth out! :cool:
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