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Why should every dream
I have die?

why does every step
I walk on My way
make me lose and fall
More ,more and
more Than before
and I feel I can't go on
But I still try ?

Why do they Hate My smile
and turn it to killing fire
and every It becomes higher?

why do they
When I see the light
In the night
come and make me blind?

Why do they
when I need their help
leave me In fear
shed my tear
and Make me homeless
and hopeless?

why do they steal
the love from My heart
and leave me in hurt
and break My heart?

Why do they turn
my sweet nights
to nightmare
that no one can bear?

why do they kill My soul
by their foul?

so why do they fight me
make all of that to me?
Why ,why ,why
do you have any reply?
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