Will I Be A Real Writer Soon?

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Had to laugh when someone said, "You are a writer because you write." Thanks, Mom. (it wasn't my mother) I don't need any more morphine, thank you.

At this point I know I wont be a writer. Perhaps because I'm looking to write something too big, but I can't accept writing anything smaller. The story can't be smaller. Instead of giving up, I think I'll let the story age along with me. I'll add and chop as time progresses, and when I am able to really sit down and devote my time to it, maybe I will have a way of bringing my thoughts down onto paper clearer.

I used to write a lot of short stories on another site, but I realized that the one that preoccupies me right now kind of cannibalizes them. The world is so big that anything and anyplace is possible and when I do come up with an interesting idea for a short story I tell myself, "That would be much better placed in my other one." So...instead of shoot and miss I guess I'll lay it all down on one shot. One complete and spanning story that I wont complete till I am probably 50 or so.

Also...I noticed the more I write about writing, the less I am actually writing my story. So with my hundredth blog, I guess I'll cease all the blogging (anything big, anyways) and just concentrate on building my story blah, blah, blah...

Bloggers don't know when to shut up about themselves, do they, lol.
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