Winter writing

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Here's just a cool quick introduction of myself for everyone on the forum!

I am a 5th year senior, graduating this spring with a major in Chinese. I have lived in China for one year, the best year of my life. I plan to returning after I graduate.

Besides my love for languages, writing is right there. I want to publish a novel, some short stories and maybe a fiction book or two. Right now my biggest project is a secret to all but three people. I paranoid about sharing really good ideas for fear of theft. So maybe sometime, you will find out what this story is about. It is the most exciting writing project I have done with twists that the characters have given me and a story I can visual see.

If you are reading this and you need a review, let me know! I am not the world's 1000 best editor but I can help;) I am happy to correspond through e-mails and msn as well!

Happy writing everyone! Keep it up!
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