Would anyone read that?

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Uh... I just had this idea for a novella. A quick summary:

Joanna Fisher is a psychologist who is dealing with divorce because she can't conceive. She is a catholic that believes that sex only should happen on marriage, and looks down on women who are promiscious. Basically speaking, she's a priveliged conservative white female. Until the day she meets Lilith Tovar, a younger woman who wants to abort her pregnancy because it's a consequence of a rape. Then, they both go in a journey which the main theme is how women (female-bodied and male-bodied) survive on a society dominated by patriarchy and mysogyny.

I already put on a thread a draft of a MC in a fantasy novel which speaks basically patriarchy and mysogyny, but I think I wouldn't be able to create an entire setting on my own, so I changed the whole thing until I had the story above.

Anyone would read? No?

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