Writer's worries

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Sometimes when i think about myself as a writer i worry about not being able to pull on a wide experience of the world. I mean if i'm sitting here writing about life, should I not be out living it instead?

I wonder if other writers ever think about this, like to what extent do they use their imagination to construct their stories, as opposed to their personal experience? I worry that the more I delve into my own imagination the less authentic and real my writing is likely to come across.

If i use the internet and watch lots of films of course there can be a wealth of information that i can pull on, but i would in effect be stealing ideas from others and calling it my own.

The only thing i can think of that is probably working in my favour, is that i am young and i have lots of time to develop and improve my skills. Maybe sometimes you need to just stop talking and get out there and do it. Maybe a bit of travelling would do me the world of good.

I just don't think I can have any claim to legitimacy to be a spectator of the world if i haven't actually went out and looked at it extensively myself.
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