WTF: Mind-Crossed Lovers

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In this lovely section of my blog I am now going to now explain what was on my mind when I wrote this piece. This will be happening for any short stories I post.

First off, I wanted to do something that was probably not going to be expected at the competition. Believe me I was tempted, very tempted. All I do is write romances like "Unexpected Lovers" in my spare time, so this would have been the perfect oppurtunity. I decided though it would be better if I used that later. I'll mess up more themes in the future (It's going to be harder now with no laptop to waste my life on. That's what school is for though.)

Next thing on my mind was my parents. My parents have been eating at me again for their mood swing pleasures. So, in the piece I am venting at my parents, but you are going to have to trust me on this. If I were the character in this piece I would be a dead person. Last time I checked I had a pulse and my wishes to be dead have long ago erased themselves from my to-do list. In case you are wondering what I'm exactly talking about, you will note the morbid language in the following quotes.

"Free thinking was the release of my demise."

This is the first line of story, so if you have read it you would have probably thought about what I meant of demise. This was a reason why I wasn't specific, I didn't want this character to be me. Now while many of the pieces of my shattered past may be place in here subconciously, I don't actually know when I started drawing things. My mom has told me it started when I was eight, but that could be just because she wants me to think I was inspired by that feeling she gets to draw.

Here's the next quote, if you don't get it by then you have to be cuckoo.

"I was their game; to play with but never to eat until death did I part from them."

I guess it could be a symbolic death, I don't know if that is the case. I'm still arguing with myself on that one, but it could be.

Later on, I think I made the character a ghost, because the muse still talks to her and the last line is a bit creepy. You know what they say about those who commit suicide, they become the helpers of God with the uneasy.

We can't forget about the fact that you guys probably don't understand what this following line might illude to.

"I moved to this strange bubble land filled with the rich cats and wild coyotes."

I personally love this line myself, and it's my own writing. I might be just trying to puff up my ego, but my mind loves the pictures this evicts. Bubble land, by the way, is Orange County. Though it could be a lot of places, I was directing towards Orange County, California. Who can't say that the elite of this society is a rich cat and well... Wild coyotes is obvious if you live here. It's talked a lot down here in the West.

My favorite paragraph has to be the most scandalous. Fantasies are so fun to play with, especially if it's someone elses. If you don't know what I mean here's the first line of it.

"On the desk, on the table, or on my homework, we had many passionate moments."

That's right, let the freudian slip escape thy lips. I first just wrote "On the desk" and then I realised how wrong that sounded and I decided, "Hey, why not?" They are supposed lovers, and this is an unexpected paragraph.

Oh, and if your wandering the gender. I believe she's a female talking, though I'm sure many boys watched Sailor Moon when they were younger, but not many of them thought of her in a clean, "oh look she's a holy virgin princess". I bet you only my anime geeky friends would know the fact that she was only 12 when the series started. Since Sailor Moon is only 12, I have to say I'm jealous of her chest size. According to the perverted anime otakus, Sailor Moon's isn't the biggest either. The biggest is Sailor Jupiter. I guess everything is bigger on Jupiter.


Before I start typing for hours and miss the last bus home, let me jump back on the track.

I do like my references to other literary pieces and overall, I am please. I had to read this piece seven times before I was truly satisfied. I'm sure there is more I could do more to improve it but it's already in.

Speaking of already in, don't forget to go to the poetry contest and read the need to be voted section of the poetry contest. I'm one of the contestants, if you think my poem is any good vote for it. I took my time on that to think on it, and if you need to know my mind on my poem read my other blog post. It's the entry called, "Rough Draft of Zanier and Cael." It shows the baby draft of the poem and also the story behind the couple Queen Zanier and Cael.

So to all the artists out there on this site here's what your drawings are saying.

"Draw on and never let me die."
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