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I'm impressed by myself. I have written over 5000 words today, and that is not including my "man on man, modern warfare" fanfiction. (It's for a friend, don't judge me)


Recently I begun wondering for how long I have actually been writing. Then I remembered that my dad had some old floppy disks with stuff from our old computers, and (after a long search for a pc that can actually read floppy disks) for the first time in years, I read the first story I ever wrote at the tender age of seven.

It was a simple story about my bestfriend and me, and our two horses. We didn't actually have horses in real life, but we were both horse lovers. My friend's family also kept hen and bees (for some reason), and I always figured she could house our two horses, even though she didn't have anywhere to put them.

This story I wrote was boring, and the grammar atroicous, as expected from a seven year old, but that little story actually inspired me to write for years to come.

My first long story was a Buffy fanfiction I wrote at age eleven. I basically rewrote all the seasons into what I thought should happen, made up a lot of characters and stories as well, and to this day I think this is a really great story. Over the course of five years, I rewrote the first five seasons of Buffy. The first book was 359 pages long, and the rest a bit over 500 pages each. Impressive for someone that age, but I have been editing them ever since as practice, and most of it has been added on later.

The content of my stories is what surprised me the most however. First of all, at 12 years old, I wrote about gay sex.... and I remember well thinking about Angel/Spike stuff back in those days, so does that mean I was born a yaoi fangirl? It's a little scary.
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