Years later

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I couldn't believe my eyes...the man whom I have loved for the past nearly 30 years was walking toward me...His greying temples and added paunch starkly shook me into reality...this is really him. His gait was lively and irregular, his shoulders squared back as he walked up the walk toward my door. We looked at each other. So many thoughts flooded my heart and mind...this is him! My heart pounded and my eyes blinked in disbelief yet hope that this was really happening. I was looking at my "first love" and he walked through my kitchen door and looked at me, smiling. I froze to not reach out to throw my arms around him and passionately kiss him. I could see by the look in his eye that he was on a mission. We didn't speak. It was a sacred moment when all time and everything that we had known to be real, ceased to exist.
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