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  1. What marks our time here? What signifies our influence on the lives of others? Faced with leaving all I've known, I question what I'm leaving behind, what I'll be remembered for. It becomes easier and easier to regret more and more, wondering why I acted the way I did, why I didn't do this or said that. Perhaps retrosepct provides the examination of the former, in a manner that serves to better an individual. It is obvious that I cannot change the past, regardless of whether or not I want to. However, my past has brought me to where I am today. If I'm happy where I am today, I'm inclined to be nothing but grateful for the trials and pleasantries that brought me here. Perhaps such a feeling of gratitude serves to remind me that my time has been marked, profoundly, one way of another.
  2. Does acting selfishly for what you truly want define you as a bad person? If discretion is ignored, can the choices you make still be appropriate? Because it seems to me, impinging on someone else's happiness in pursuit of your own is never the right thing to do. But if we refuse to pursue what makes us happy, in respect of others, are we not compromising our own happiness?
  3. Sometimes I question what’s truly important and what is not. Is it possible that vitality is ever changing? If it is constant, then I believe many of us are conflicted. However, the confliction that provokes present questioning is appropriate. Our lives are never constant. In fact, our lives can be defined as the pursuit of a constant, whether that constant be happiness, success, or love. Each day we are faced with change and adversity, and what’s important corresponds to where we find ourselves at the end of the day. Perhaps questioning what’s important marks our connection to our lives.