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  1. Hi, i wanted to start writing, and sense i am still out lining my novel i thought it would be nice to do a blog, and i find myself liking this community of people so you will all be subjected... i mean lucky enough to hear my mad man like rantings. Sometimes they will be about writing, others they will be about something else in my life...


    I will be blunt, I believe that fanfiction to be fake... there is no nicer way to say it. I am not saying that I have never read a good fanfiction and thought to myself, god i wish the writers of this [insert entertainment media here] would write more like this person. However, beyond my thoughts about fanfiction as a genre, I do think it holds an important tool for writers that has been thus far untapped for its truest potential.

    Sometimes the hardest thing when writing is simply starting; you can call it writers block, that you can't get the juices flowing, or whatever you want; but we all have times when we hit a brick wall and are unable to write.

    Unfortunately for writers there are no pills like there are for other activities when the juices can't get flowing... however we have an entire society of source materials, and a genre that openly accepts it; fanfiction. Maybe when you sit down you can't think of anything or you can't expand what you have written anymore... well work off of someone else to "jump-start" your writing ability. You start off with someone else work, but at the end your own... bo-bo juice (my word for writers creative bodily fluid... lets make this word spread, lol) has taken over and you can not only finish what you were working on in fanfiction, but you will also be able to carry over that momentum to your other projects. Like said in Finding Forester, "Sometimes the simple act of writing is enough."

    This is not the only way, as i am sure that many people on this site can tell you, to get your bo-bo juice flowing. However it is a method that i have used several times that seems to work well for me.

    Have a great day,

    Andrew Miller