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  1. Of course, I could say one of the biggest drives for anyone aspiring to write is from reading.
    Sometimes you read something, and depending on the author think: " I wanna write something like that!" or "I could so write better then that." It was this summer of 2012 when I rekindled this desire to write a story. I had finished reading The Cole Protocol by Tobias S. Buckell, something I had actually wanted to read when I was younger but lost interest in, and haven't touched since. I set it down and to this day I really wanted to write a science fiction novel.
    So what inspired you to dabble into writing, or what made you pursue your passion to get published (or what's your fire to get published)?
  2. Uh, hi! I'm not sure how to start off, so I might as well tell a little nugget about myself:
    I live in the great U.S., but my family is from the Italian region of Lombardy in Northern Italy, near Milan. So I speak American English, Italian, and a tiny bit of Dutch. Writing for me is not a full blown career, but as the saying goes: If you have a book in you, write it. My favorite genre is Science Fiction, and sometimes but rarely fantasy. If you can recommend a good one and have me actually enjoy it, you deserve a metal! The Arts is another big part of my life, particularly drawing, graphic design, and industrial design.
    I love spending time with my friends, learning, reading, creating, and most dear to me being with my amore, the love of my life.
    I really hope I can make some good writing buddies on here, and I hope this site is the next step to encourage my writing!

    - A'