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  1. A/N: Feel free to review, offer your thoughts, whatever. I didn't place this in the reviewers forum because it's far from, in my opinion, from being remotely reviewable. However, I am excited about starting my project and must share. (It's 4AM where I am, and I cannot possibly wake anyone up locally.)

    Anyways, ahem. Without any further adieu.

    I guess what I miss the most is my brother’s voice.
    Ever since I was a little girl, I loved my brother’s voice. I’d ask him every night to sing me a lullabye, and he’d always oblige, and I’d always be cheering for an encore. Sometimes I begged for so many encores that I’d actually drift off mid-song. Sometimes I’d wake up and he’d still be in my room, asleep on the floor.
    He even made up a song for me, that he recorded on a cassette tape, for whenever he wasn’t around to give me a lullabye, and a goodnight kiss. It was called “Twelve Roses.” On the cassette tape he played the piano too, which I thought was so cool, since we didn’t have a piano in my room. Every night I put it in the it in the tape player, demanding that he sing with the tape, and he continually delivered for me.
    And even though I’m not so little anymore, and it’s been a long time since he accompanied that tape cassette, I still play it, every night. I just lay in bed, listening to the vibrations.
    The vibrations are all that I have left. No melody, no piano. No voice.
    Just vibrations.
    Just silence.
    Which I have been living in since I was seven years old.
  2. It's a statewide convention and takes place for about 2 days at a college. (Cant tell ya which one, too much personal info.)

    I'm more of a fictional writer, but I'm on the newspaper staff -one of the best in the Midwest, FYI.

    I'm soo excited! I'm in a writing contest, for News Writing, and I hope I do well! (Wich me luck!) ...I'm a good writer, I think, but I'm not so good at the style, and that's what I'm worried about. Plus, we always do well at the state and national conventions and I don't want to screw it up.

    It'll be a long trip down to this college, but it'll be fun bonding with some other members of the staff and the yearbook staff as well. Not all of us are going, just 16 people total, plus the Newspaper and Yearbook advisors, so it'll be a good bonding experience.

    We're leaving within the hour! Yay!

    Any tips before I go? --If you can tell me within the hour? :p

    Wish me luck! I'll need it! :D
  3. :pI have finally quit my job! :cool:

    My last day will be a week from Sunday.

    I'm so excited because, even though the atmosphere was really nice (for the most part) and my boss was probably the nicest boss I will ever have in my life, I just didn't have time to do relatively anything, and since while the paycheck was a nice CHA-CHING every week, it just wasn't worth my collapsing every night and staying up until 2AM to get homework done.

    Seriously, the last time I sat on the living room couch? Like a month, at least.

    SO YAY!! I never have to see those creeps again (yes, there was a fair share of perverted creeps) and the people I do plan to stay in touch with I will.

    I'm ecstatic, because I can actually go home and do nothing!!! I'm excited, I'll have time for ME!!

    Oh I'm ridiculously happy. :)

  4. We crushed Warren, so I've heard, if you're interested. :p

    I'm so spacey. Or is it spacy? Whatever. I spaced that this week was homecoming week (I knew it was, I was dressed for the spirit days and whatnot, but I just didn't register everything completely -hence, spacey.)

    And, anyways, I forgot to request Friday off for the Homecoming Game. :(:(

    Lucky me, though, I was lucky that my boss didn't schedule me for TOMORROW night, aka the dance. :cool:


    Anyways, so now i'm here when I could be partying it out, man.

    But its all good. :cool:
  5. I can't tell you if I spelled that right, but that's a moot point.

    I just got back from a boating trip in Dale Hollow, located on the borders of both Kentucky and Tennessee. You see, my family is a boating family. We go boating for fun, instead of bowling or movies or whatever else families are supposed to do.

    Usually we just go to neighboring lakes, but once or twice a year, we take that trek down to Tennessee.

    And, yeah. It was F-U-N! Granted, a few tears were shed (12 of us in a 100 foot perimeter, yeah, it had to happen), but Woo was it fun.

    (I think I still smell like lake-water, by the way. Hehe. :p )

    We took out my uncle's boat, our jetskis, and my other uncle's tubes, and the grandparents paid for the renting of the houseboat.

    Yay! So, I didn't tan like I planned -I burned, but whatever. I had such fun driving the skis (legally, for the first time, since I had my boating license and am officially 16) and riding the boat. Yay!!

    It was fun. Just thought I'd share.