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  1. I don't want to learn something that will make my heart explode. But then again..... an explosion of the heart could be good.
  2. If we dream our lives, and we can make our dreams, then don't we make our lives? We can expirence the most splendorously intricacate fantasies, and the most horrible nightmares. Since we make both nightmares and fantasies, does that mean that we prefer to have both? Usually people say they like to have good times, good dreams, and a good life. Yet our nightmares still exist. Do they serve a purpose? Are they the opposite of our fantasies, or are they something different? Are they on their own? Do they depend on each other? Can't some people expirence mostly fantisaful lifes, while others horridly nightmarish lifes? Can anyone aviod one or the other? Do we get pleasure from our fears? Are we displeased with our fantasies? Do we allways try to make our fantasies better? Do we allways try to make our nightmares worse? Why does a most horrible nightmare and an incrdible fantasy often end in death. Why do we wake up quickly from fantasies but linger in nightmares? Why does time seem to move fast when we are pleasured but move slow when we are pained? Are we all part of a single dreamer? Does this dreamer ever wake up? If he wakes up where is he? If he wakes up, is he still dreaming? What would life be without dreams?
  3. We are all in the same boat, floating in a sea. Sometimes the sea rises and sometimes the sea falls the waves wash left and right, up and down and everywhere in between. The boat doesnt have a destination. It goes where the sea takes it. Everyone on the boat has the same fate but no one has the same ride.
  4. The specturm of thought, feeling. If I were to feel good all the time if I exercised as much as possible, ate only the best foods read only the best books I would most definatley feel good from mental and physical stimulus. Though I would still feel times of lowness, because lowness is relative to times of good feeling. If I were very good in the respect of what I took in I would still feel times of lowness although my feeling of lowness could be conisdered highness to another person, who is considerably lower in feeling. Though the higher the magnitude of feeling for example in the lower range gives a reference point to which one can compare their normal mood to. For example if I had a really really low feeling I could apericate that the low feeling was quite far in distance from my normal feeling, and I would derive a good feeling from that fact alone.