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  1. Yes! I finally got my welcome letter a couple days ago and was sorted into my favorite House, Slytherin! :D
    As I was answering the questions and everything I started thinking I would be put in Ravenclaw (which is my second favorite house, so that'd be good too.). Pottermore had so much hype even though no one knew what it would be, so I was a little bit disapointed. It's definitely still cool, reading about other things from the Wizarding World and everything.

    Wizard Dueling needs to get up and working. The only way to earn House points right now is through brewing potions. It's fun too, but takes over an hour of waiting just to complete one. (Although, I think you can do more than one at a time). I successfully brewed my first one earning 5 points.... Then blew up the next losing 5 points. =.=
    I'm excited to see what else will be added later on!
  2. Well, first week of school is done and I gotta say I'm disappointed.
    I barely have any classes with friends but, I can make new friends, right?
    My favorite teacher is now doing a Creative Writing class. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyway I could get into it. In fact, I don't think I can change my schedule at all because I'm in Gifted and most classes are full anyway.

    As one of my electives, I'm working as a library assistant. I was kind of excited at first. I mean, I love books, and the librarian is really nice so how bad could be? But I had no idea how much work actually happens there or how busy I would be.
    I just hope next week goes better.
  3. Hello! Anyone get into Pottermore today? Or earlier in the week? I signed up yesterday morning but still went on today, just to see what the clue was. Harry Potter books are some of my favorite, and one of my favorite characters (more so in the first few books than the last few though) was Draco Malfoy. So I was pretty when one of the choices for my username was DraconisScale! I know, I know, its says Draconis, not Draco. But still, I think it's pretty cool!
    I still don't even know what Pottermore actually is. Its funny how people are going crazy trying to get in, or even buying or selling accounts (bad!) when know one knows really what it is. I think you will be sorted into a House so I'm hoping I get Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I wouldn't mind Gryffindor but its still my 3rd choice. If I got Hufflepuff.... I would hop on the Express and go home. xD Okay, maybe not but still. Not much really happens with Hufflepuff other than Edward... I mean Cedric dying. I guess not much happens in Ravenclaw either, but its for the smart people so that'd be cool.

    Well I'm having my very first violin lesson today! I'm excited... but also very nervous. I'm a shy person so I'm a little afraid I'm going to mess things up somehow. My teacher seems nice though so I think it'll go okay.
    I'll be blogging again later maybe, wish me luck!
  4. Well, I've never written a blog before but I guess it's sort of like keeping a diary, only not so private. I'm still pretty new to this site so I'm trying to familiarize myself with stuff. I'm really not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I might want to become an author. I've always loved reading and I remember when I was younger that adults were sometimes surprised, even impressed at the things I read. Even more so that I understoof them completely.
    I don't think it was until second grade that I even thought about writing my own stories for fun. A friend of mine wrote alot and so together we would write stories about things we did. We would pretend we were spies going on missions, especially whenever we went on a field trip somewhere. If I ever do become an author, I will most definitely have to thank her, for first getting me interested.
    Well I guess that's it for my first blog, hopefully I'll get better at this.