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  1. Hi Guys - Skylar here,

    I don't know if anyone is reading these posts - if you are, great and thanks. If no-one is reading this at least it is giving me something to do while i'm bed-ridden.

    As i'm typing this, I'm watching a movie called 'Why did I get married?'. In a nutshell, it's about four sets of married couples who each year go on a vacation together. It's about relationships falling apart, being in love etc etc. Good movie. This is the reason I named this post 'Secrets'. There's this scene in the movie where everyone is around the dining table and individual secrets come out. An affair, a woman who got her tubes tied without telling her husband, a man wanting a divorce, a couple where each party is sleeping with other people. It got me thinking, does every couple have secrets? And if so, are these secrets so terrible, that the relationship is damaged beyond repair? Do we all mess up? I mean, c'mon, no relationship is perfect.

    I'm 24 years old. I met my fiance Mr.D when I was 18. Mr.D was the guy I lost my virginity to. Sure, I had fooled around with guys (I even slept with a woman) but he was my 'first'. We've been together ever since.

    We have our ups and downs. Six years on, more downs than up, but he is my best friend. My secret? I don't know if this is the guy I wanna spend the rest of my life with. A part of me wants to go and sleep with the first guy I see just to get a different experience. Wrong maybe, but at least I'm honest. Don't get me wrong, I love Mr.D, I adore him even, but samey crap gets old sometimes.

    My other secret? I enjoy watching porn sometimes - but that's for another time.

    Everyone has a secret - what's yours?

    Peace and love - Skylar xx
  2. Hi Everyone - Skylar here,

    Please be gentle, this is my first post. Don't be fooled guys, this post will not be full of roses, yep I'm afraid this is a post for moaning! Pure, unadulterated moaning.

    My worst week ever actually started on Friday. My inner domestic goddess sprung into action and I had the sudden urge to scrub my upstairs bathroom from top to bottom. I was feeling very proud of myself when all of a sudden I lost the ability to move. My inner domestic goddess was replaced by my hypochondriac goddess and I went from a fit (sort of), healthy (ish) 24 year old career woman to an 80 year old dependent hooked on day time TV (It is quite hard not to get emotionally involved when a woman is sobbing her heart out at a loose end over her Husbands sexually obsession with his Motorbike).

    All Friday and Saturday I was in excruciating pain (yes I know I sound like a wuss). I couldn't stand, my back kept having spasms and it took me an hour to kept up from the couch (in a very unladylike state I might add). All this time I was more worried about the fact that I hadn't shaved my legs for a couple of weeks and what if I would have to call an emergency doctor to see me. Well, on Saturday afternoon I did just that but luckily he didn't see my gorilla legs.

    Now it is Wednesday Morning, the pain is easing in an extremely slow manner, I have been ordered by my boss to not log in from work and to just 'rest'. Great, no work, no responsibility just 'rest'. Awesome, except I am so bored. So my fiance Mr.D recommended I start that book I always wanted to write and that brings me here to the Writing Forum and I haven't got a bloody clue where to start - eek!

    Any who, I thought I would just blog and blog hard I will!

    Speak soon - Peace and Love - Skylar xx

    P.S - That guy with the Motorbike obsession? The bike was named 'Bertha' and was often the third wheel in the relationship - badumdum!!

    P.P.S - That was an awful joke. This is how isolated I am at the moment, I actually chuckled a little at it. Seriously though, the story is true.