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  1. I know this forum is all about writing. But what's the end goal of writing (other than writing for the love of writing, of course!)?

    And so I have some questions to pose here becuase I'm certain some of you will have an answer or two for me. At the very least I'm hoping you'll be able to direct me to somewhere that can answer me.

    Here's what I'm mulling over (think in terms of fiction):
    - How important is finding a publshing house versus self-publishing?
    - Which is more work and which is more rewarding?
    - If I go with a traditional publisher should I have a full manuscript ready? Or just an excerpt? If just an excerpt, will the agent/editor give me directional advice?
    - If a self-publishing company, which one? There seem to be hundreds popping up!
    - How much technical knowledge do I need to have?

    I'll stop there. I certainly do appreciate any advice that may be floating around out here...