• Netflix Daredevil Analysis—The Dual Self

    [CENTER][IMG][/IMG] [/CENTER] [SIZE=5][B]The Dual Self[/B][/SIZE] At the simplest level a superhero is two different people because they have a secret self (the superhero). They live as an ordinary human being, and also as a crusader for justice who has special abilities. In the eighties, like many aspects of superhero comics, this idea got upgraded. I don’t know where it first happened, but I noticed it in the [I][B]Tim Burton[/B][/I][B] Batman[/B] movies—the idea of...
  • Crafting Horror

    Sooooo... I've been taking a lot of notes. I haven't even been able to interact with the site much since I've...just been taking notes. I felt that creation begins with an idea, but I wanted it to be unique. Like Lovecraft, I wanted something to push the boundary. Yes, everyone says there's nothing new under the sun. They're wrong. There's nothing new that [I]they[/I] know of. Just like, before Lovecraft, there probably wasn't anything much like what he wrote. Maybe some things that glanced on what he wrote... I think I may have found something. A small kernel. It's a hopeful little...
  • Aliens From Outer Within

    or: Same Species-Wide Angst Leading to Rejection of Humanism, Different Name I've timestamped the discussion. It's not about who says it. It just happens to be quite illustrative. [MEDIA=youtube]id=pwN8u6HFH8U;t=5950[/MEDIA] “I think it's possible they operate in the space of ideas for example. Ideas could be aliens. Feelings could be aliens. Consciousness itself could be aliens.” Lex is further along the evolutionary path than most alien contact believers. He's wisely given up on there being tangible evidence, and instead reached into more modern sci fi for his beliefs. Why not God?...
  • I sacrificed fiction for non-fiction...

    I once wanted to write fictional worlds full of stories but then I read real stories- seeking inspiration- and realized the real world was faaaaaar more interesting than fiction. That ultimately, all fictional worlds are just shadows of the real world. So I decided to stop writing fiction and become a journalist and historian of sorts. In the same way that a youtuber would pour through the cryptic data to reveal some subtle plot with deep implications in the story...I wanted to understand the truths of my world. So journalism it is.


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