• Are we, uhh, moving too fast?

    I met a girl (20-21) through uni but only just started talking to her about a month ago (we've been in classes together as long as a year ago but never really talked). Most of our conversation has been on Snapchat or text. Since the semester ended we've really been talking a lot, to the point that I'm starting to procrastinate on things I need to do. I feel like we might be moving too fast maybe or something? We've been flirting and beating around the bush if you know what I mean. I am in need of advice because I'm not sure if maybe we're moving too fast (for me) but it's just a natural...
  • Draft One Completed

    I have now written to completion draft one of my first ever book. At sixty four thousand words (around 106 A4 pages) it sits ready for extensive edits, which is the next part of the process. It has taken me more than ten years to refine the world and around three years of writing the current draft. Though the end result lacks my contentment, I am confident that I will improve the work to the best of my ability. The story is about a grey skinned human who grows up in the slums of a city planet, he is arrested for a crime and sentenced to military service. It is a big world with many...
  • A response to: It's necessary in the second half of life to develop a religious attitude

    This was going to be a comment but it kept going and going, so it gets its own blog post. Groundwork: I want to be clear that I'm not [I]hatin[/I]' on [USER=92481]@Xoic[/USER] or the video's creator. I think ideas are good, period. People should have more ideas and think more in general, and both Xoic and the creator are very smart people who have lots of ideas. That said, I wholly disagree with the video. The video in question: [MEDIA=youtube]DffqK6j-y1U[/MEDIA]. Good for context. Problem 1: You cannot take Jesus out of the Church. Sorry Jehova's, but there is no virginal scripture....
  • Homeless Lite

    Back in the ol' hometown and I decided that rather than staying in and paying for a hotel -- and rather than accepting invites to crash at friend's houses or sleeping on mom's couch -- I'd take my tent and sleeping bag and camp in a city park. It's a nice tent and a nice park, though my little tent is dwarfed by rows of RVs. But the night was quiet and calm, no rain and no noise. But it's hard to make the compromise between hotel and home. The tent's too small to do anything other than sleep, and there's no place to stash and unload a suitcase. So I'm more or less living out of my...


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