1. Update on the Missing Forums/Posts

    Last Wednesday (4/27) the Community Interaction category of the forum disappeared. I know many of you have been wondering what happened, what is currently going on, and when it will be back. This post is to explain the situation - and does so in detail - so as to be transparent about the problem, since it's still unresolved. It may get somewhat technical. If you want the short explanation, jump to the end. I would have made an announcement sooner, but I had to gather information and I had...
  2. Announcing the WF Development Blog

    Welcome to the WF Development Blog. We are currently working on major long-term and short-term plans for The intent of this blog is to provide previews of planned improvements, to gather feedback on proposed changes, and to engage the community in the development of this forum. This blog will act as a development roadmap, and as a way to vet new ideas before implementation. This blog may also feature tutorials, information on behind-the-scene operations, and policy...
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