1. The ideas are all here, but where's the paper?

    Do you have those moments when you're suddenly struck with an idea? That lamp that lights up in your head and you can't help it but to rush to your notes and write it? Well, that's basically my daily basis. Millions of thousands of ideas knocked me out of my sleep and I can't help but write them. Sometimes, I can remember the smallest details of my dreams and pour them onto the notebook that I have right beside me. That's the amazing part. The nightmare begins when I sit in front of my...
  2. First Time Blog!

    Hi there. So lets start with the name, BeFearless. to me it relates to my anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety for seven years I constantly tell myself to be fearless to try and confront my fears, to try and care less of peoples opinions and to try and live more without the constant worry that consumes me everyday. I like to write A LOT, I try to get something down on paper at least once a day even if that means running out of the bath room before I get into the bath to write down a...
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