Book development

  1. First test page done

    Today I tried to make the first illustration for the page 1 of a short story. The first test for the books. Spent all the day thinking and trying and not yet sure if it's good :/ The text is only a sample, this is not the final format. The software I used (Manga Studio) to make the drawing don't handle text very well. The final editing of the book will be made with InDesign.
  2. Final format of the book is set

    After months of discussion my neurons reached an agreement on the final format of the books. It took a long time, but have to give a discount to those poor neurons, they are only two, 1.0 engine and mileage is pretty high already. Imagine reading a book where the next scene is not text, it's just a drawing, occupying an entire page or just the top of the page. The drawing is part of the narrative, not just a decoration. After it comes text showing what follows later. Or, in case of a...
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