Bored Whatevers

  1. A thousand's day day in day out

    I wake up with a racing heart feeling as though I'm lacking oxygen. Was it the heat? Was it a dream? What did I dream? Oh yes. It was that dream again. It's daytime and I'm at some crowded square at the center just standing there, thinking what am I doing here? Soon I realize that there's gum in my mouth. Its' taste is awful. I try to spit it out but I can't. It has melted inside my mouth and has become a gooey mess that's glued between my teeth, under my tongue, everywhere. I find a more...
  2. Stale

    A lifetime in a day The sky paves a pale gray To ships that drift away. This dawn has gone astray Dust floats from where I lay Caged birds made out of clay.
  3. Accidents and incomplete art

    I was eating olives, drinking wine and pondering upon my creations. 5 minutes later, as my fingers scanned the empty bowl I figured two things. Firstly, I ate about 50 olives without noticing and secondly, maybe Maria is right. She's a friend of mine that has been helping me with my filming project. She's the protagonist, but that's irrelevant. Anyhow, when she came into my room for the first time, she saw the pictures I've blue-tagged on my closet and she remarked at them. She liked them so...
  4. Make belief ataraxia

    Spent all day, staring blankly at the ceiling, at the screen, at my guitar, at peoples mouths moving. I'm trying to concentrate on something - anything! - but I keep failing. I don't know how to start. I should start looking for a part time job. I'm almost out of cash and things are starting to look bleak. I should practice the new songs we've decided and stop canceling sessions, due to the imaginary hiatus that's been bugging me. I should start writing the screenplay for the project I have...
  5. My sole lyrics

    As I was playing guitar today, I suddenly realised something. I’ve never composed a song with lyrics except once and I remember exactly that moment. I mean, I remember it like I was a third party observer. Isn’t this weird? Like I can see that moment from 2 different perspectives. It’s not like I haven’t tried writing lyrics before or after that day (although it’s been years since my last attempt), but I never liked them. Poetry and lyrics is not part of my skill set... I prefer playing more...
  6. One of These Days...

    I’m gonna convince... - my land-lady that I don’t need to pay her in exchange for sleeping where I live. I’m sure she can be the better person in this shallow relationship. - the people that hate me that I really love them when I say “Don’t bother with me love. You are only harming yourself.” - my mother that you don’t need solid ground under your feet when you are flying. Even more, if you are free falling. - my friends that you don’t need to play a specific role in order to get what...
  7. The Magpie Thief

    There was a girl that lived in a rooftop apartment. One morning, in the year of the monkey, just seven days after she had moved there, she woke up early, opened up her window and noticed that the sky couldn't be gloomier. Thick, white clouds covered the entirety of the once clear, blue sky and soon it started drizzling. "What a fine day to stay in and write my novel", she thought. She made some coffee and lied on her bed with her notebook, ready to continue from where she had left off....
  8. My Spartan Mother

    Whenever I return home after a blood-bathed battle, with a spear impaled through my chest, my Spartan mother unhesitatingly rips that spear out of me and slaps a band-aid on each wound. Then she says, "Ready to go. Neeext! What are you still doing here? Move on, move on!" My Spartan mother is a peaceful person but for some reason she has been preparing me for war all my life. My Spartan mother never taught me how to swim. She didn't drop me in deep water. I did this myself accidentally....
  9. Salvia - XDream - Rewind

    You are on the rocky hill of Pnika, right next to the Parthenon. It's late December and the weather is chili to the bones, but of course you are not accordingly dressed. You like wearing light clothing. You sacrifice body heat to movability. You suddenly come to the realization that your right arm is moving on it's own. You observe it calmly like a detached part of your body that has grow a will of its own and for some reason has started moving in reverse circles around its axes. You have no...
  10. Thorazin (Free writing)

    Hey sonny! Can you smell that? Oh, don’t worry. It’s just the sound of your brain rusting. Step into the hall and share your eyes with me. Ok. We are set. I can see. What a dark, rundown place this is. Watch the glasses on the floor. That’s right. Hop! Turn your head up. I want to see. A bulb! Its light is dump. Doesn’t matter. It will do. Hold it in your hands. You know what to do. On the count of f(x)=a_0+∑_(n=1)^∞▒(a_n cos⁡〖nπx/L〗+b_n sin⁡〖nπx/L〗 ) . One, twooo, ∞. You swallowed it!...
  11. Of Genie and Ghoul

    She reads the lines between the stars, She travels light, She hangs in bars. He caught a flight and came from Mars, He likes to fight, He’s full of scars. In twilight hours they meet on pars, Then, come the night They split in gars. -Dedicated to the ignorant masochist-
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