1. Characters in King and Spielberg

    I want to tie together several threads, most of which come from recent blog posts. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, it's exploratory. Sometimes I use my blog as a journal to delve into ideas like this and see where they lead. In both Carrie and Salem's Lot, Stephen King was, among other things, depicting a town that was too coarse, that didn't allow for the people in it to grow up decently, because the general populace was crude and uncultured. Actually in The Body too. And he...
  2. Literary Fiction: A Consolidated Practical View

    Popular/"commercial" and literary fiction differ considerably in the norms and values that shape them. Their core readerships want and expect different thingsā€”in many respects opposite things. The body of received wisdom that's usually applied to the writing and formative critique of popular fiction often does not apply to literary fiction and may not strengthen but weaken it. In this post, I've systematized my thoughts on how and why "good" popular and literary fiction are so different,...
  3. Under Construction

    This Blog is currently under construction. Please try back later for updated content. Thanks for your patience, Trailer Trash
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