China Travel/Work

  1. Traveling Part 3

    I finally got on the plane. Nothing special about it, just an ordinary large jet plane. I was seated next to a friendly guy from Delhi. He was heading back home, only making a transfer in Shanghai. He wanted to chat, like I said he was friendly. But my nerves at that point were shot. So I explained why I was headed over, how I was very nervous, had barely been on a plane before, and let him tell me what he was doing. But after that 5 minutes of conversation, I politely declared my nerves...
  2. Traveling Part 2

    That morning I went to the airport. I had no idea how far away the airport was, and needed to save money. So I planned to take the airport shuttle bus. Unfortunately it came nowhere near my hotel. Lugging my huge duffle bag (bulging and at least 50 pounds), I hopped onto a crowded bus. It was an uncomfortable trip, people don't appreciate having their legs crushed as my duffle bag kept trying to fall on them. Finally we stopped at the shuttle bus stop. More waiting. The shuttle bus...
  3. Traveling part 1

    For anyone who's interested here's the first part of a journal I started writing for my Mom. She's posted it already on a board she and my Dad run, and its been posted on another board for seniors. I have seven entries so far, and will keep writing them as long as interesting things keep happening. Some of the experiences will also be used in a book I am writing about a few people traveling over seas to work in China. Enjoy. ___________________ I got on the Greyhound early in the...
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