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  1. Sensitivity Readers At it Again - Roald Dahl this time

    Well, the so-called 'sensitivity' readers are at it again. And have been working to change Dahl's new editions to remove everything from gendered language, to 'offensive' descriptions. Even something as innocuous as - The balcony belonged to an attractive middle-aged lady called Mrs. Silver - becomes - The balcony belonged to a kind middle-aged lady called Mrs. Silver. Even more peculiar Augustus is no longer described as fat. Having read Charlie as a morality fairy tale - with...
  2. Britain: where corruption will buy you someone else's baby

    The social services. Families rely on them to offer fair and impartial advice and assistance, and, yes, to sometimes take the decision to break up a family in the interests of its members. They are supposed to be trained, committed, and professional individuals; they are not supposed to be able to force children into homes for their own personal reasons, or to receive financial benefits. But they can, and they often do. In fact, there have been a large number of incidents that show this;...
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