1. Minding One's Manners

    This is something I've had kicking around in my head for a while, but was spurred onto the page in partial response to @Foxxx's Thoughts Stirred by Stripclubs Ah, the gentlemen’s clubs. In my younger days, I spent… well, no. If I was still doing it, it would be far too much time, but there’s a time to every purpose under heaven, and your late teens/early twenties are the perfect time to be throwing large chunks of your paycheck at women wearing less than small pieces of cloth. But now it’s...
  2. Lunch

    I thought about workshopping this, but it's really not worth it. I've got no experience with the software in this story, so there are probably lots of errors, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. My stomach growled. “Siri, where’s the nearest Subway?” “This city doesn’t have a subway system, but there’s bus stop one block east of here.” “No, I mean a, um, someplace I can get,” What were they called in this part of the country? “a hoagie? A, um, hero?” “Hogan’s Heroes, the complete series, is...
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