1. I'm Not Going to Place 3

    Bars, cul-de-sacs, Main, that mall, social web. It's somewhere between the two places you have to be: work and home. A third place. How does that advice go? Don't ever let him (Misery be damned it's always a him) take you to a second location. The third location is really a second, second location. Second squared. The worst. Stay home like a man. Eat a sleeve of saltines, a jar of green olives, and pop a second one because it's been a long day. Put on the football game but watch it...
  2. “Ride Me”

    I lie prostrate on the bed Waiting for the scent of your well-oiled body to overwhelm me when you enter the room Feel your hands exploring my skin Anticipating the feel of your ample breasts on my back Your warm breaths swirling around my shoulders just before your lips come to rest on my neck I try to lie motionless But the excitement of this moment makes my cock hard as stone So I lift and I shift my hips slowly to accommodate You straddle my ass Mounting me, owning me I feel the...
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