General Writing

  1. Finally, I Have Finished This Chapter

    Finally! Success! Some remnant of progress! It has taken me about six days, but I've finally finished chapter six of my main novel. This is just one of those chapters that are just boring to write. I already have everything planned out, and it's just takes physical work to get it written, no more artistic expression to it. I've told myself the last three days that I would finish the chapter! "I'll finish it tonight! I just know it!" And of course...I became distracted, jaded, and quit for...
  2. Progress is Key

    I set a goal for myself about a week ago. I began writing a novel of mine and decided that this novel would be it! This would be the novel that I finish. At the time, when I made that decision, I was overflowing with creative juices, excited to just get my thoughts down, and I was so intrigued by the story. I was drowning in inspiration, and it was positively delightful. However, I've found myself here, just recently, straying from that excitement. Of course this is what always happens. I...
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