1. New Editor

    My Beta Editor had to stop to focus on the job that pays her. This is completely understandable. So, I went on a search for a new editor. Some years later, last month, I found one. He did a sample for me, working on a short piece of mine. This was to show me his methods and what he can do for me. I like his work. I think I'm going to continue working with him. Hopefully this means my anthology will be done with year. Along with my work with Institute for Writers. 4 pieces to go with...
  2. Welcome to My World

    Hi everyone, Mz here. Nice, a personal blog. This looks like a good spot to introduce myself in a little more detail. I have an old hat when it comes to forum site, running my own RPG site with play-by-post stories, owning, and managing a community heavy on sciences, as well as participating on several sites. The biggest problem for me is connecting. I am an ambivert, for those who don’t know what this is- we’re the ones towards the middle of the spectrum. We’re people whose personalities...
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